10 Movies to Help You Reclaim Your Time This Holiday |Blogmas 2017 Day 2

10 Movies to Help You Reclaim Your Time This Holiday |Blogmas 2017 Day 2

Hey Friends, Welcome to day 2 of Blogmas.

Now, we are supposed to be in the holiday spirit and all, but I have a bone to pick with a certain Broadcasting Company and their holiday movie list. I mean, no shade to 25 Days of Christmas, but where IS the shade, ANY shade, other than pale?

I love a good holiday movie, and there are some that qualify as classics in my book, no matter the cast, but for a list that is 25 titles long, we couldn’t get a couple with some diversity?

Reclaiming My Time!

No thanks Freeform I have my own list of movies I plan to watch. Maybe  it can help you add some diversity to your holiday movie list.

Here are 10 Movies to Help You Reclaim Your Time This Holiday. I know it’s not 25 but it’s a start. So let’s Go!

1. The Preacher’s Wife

Seriously, what Black Holiday Movie list would be complete without this classic? Denzel Washington is an angel in this beautiful family comedy directed by Penny Marshall. It’s a remake of 1947’s Bishop’s Wife — and this time it’s set in a poor New York City neighborhood. A Baptist preacher (Courtney B. Vance) is trying to get his parish out of financial trouble. Whitney Houston and that voice shine in this story, which earned her and Loretta Devine NAACP Image Awards.

2. Last Holiday

The Queen is a sweet store assistant named Georgia who thinks she’s dying — so she cashes it all in to take a super grand vacation before she kicks the bucket. She may not be dying, though! And it turns out her super secret crush (played by LL Cool J) likes her back!

3. This Christmas

At holiday time, family matriarch Ma’Dere Whitfield (Loretta Devine) assembles her large brood for their first reunion in four years. However, family ties show signs of strain when various secrets come to light, especially concerning Marine Claude’s (Columbus Short) true military status, Quentin’s (Idris Elba) debts and teenage Baby’s (Chris Brown) secret plans to become a singer.

4. Black Nativity

Let me just say that Langston Hughes is my all time favorite Poet, so this one based on his play, was bound to be on my list! In this movie Langston (Jacob Latimore), a Baltimore teen raised by a single mother (Jennifer Hudson), travels to New York City to spend the Christmas holiday with estranged relatives, the Rev. Cornell Cobbs (Forest Whitaker) and his wife, Aretha (Angela Bassett). However, Langston soon finds that Cobbs has strict rules, and the youth is unwilling to follow them. Instead, he sets out on a return journey to his mother and finds the value of faith, healing and family along the way.

5. Almost Christmas

Walter Meyer (Danny Glover) is a retired mechanic who lost the love of his life one year earlier. Now that the holiday season is here, he invites daughters Rachel (Gabrielle Union) and Cheryl (Kimberly Elise) and sons Christian (Romany Malco) and Evan (Jessie T. Usher) to his house for a traditional celebration. Poor Walter soon realizes that if his bickering children and the rest of the family can spend five days together under the same roof, it will truly be a Christmas miracle.

6. The Kid Who Loved Christmas

This one is new to me. but this is Sammy Davis Jr.’s last screen performance — and he only appears briefly. When a young boy is taken from his new family after his adopted mother is killed in a car accident, he writes to Santa Claus for help. While waiting for an answer he and his adopted dad fight to remain a family.

7. Fat Albert’s Christmas Special

All the ’70s kids, and those younger ones with cool parents, grew up watching this animated series that was created by my dad’s favorite comedian back in the day He will remain unnamed here. Don’t fuss at me, Nostalgia is the ONLY thing that got this one on the list.  This was a half-hour, animated prime-time TV special that saw the kids staging a production of a Nativity pageant in their junkyard clubhouse.

8. Best Man Holiday

All the Chocolate a girl can handle! Nearly 15 years after they were last together as a group, college friends Lance (Morris Chestnut), Harper (Taye Diggs), Candace (Regina Hall), Quentin (Terrence Howard), Robyn (Sanaa Lathan), Jordan (Nia Long), Murch (Harold Perrineau), and Mia (Monica Calhoun) finally reunite over the Christmas holidays. Though much has changed in their lives, the friends discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and passionate romances to be reignited.

9. Soul Food

This one is a Cult Classic. I tend to forget that it’s a holiday movie in all of the other parts of the plot that happen, but it is. In my book anyway. In this movie When Ahmad Simmons’ (Brandon Hammond) diabetic grandmother, Josephine “Big Mama” Joseph (Irma P. Hall), falls into a coma during an operation to amputate her leg, it throws the Joseph family into chaos. Ahmad watches as his mother, Maxine (Vivica A. Fox), and aunts Teri (Vanessa L. Williams) and Tracy (Nia Long) struggle to adjust to the family matriarch’s sudden absence, fall into old rivalries, share memories, and work to maintain the long-standing tradition of Sunday family dinners.

10. Friday After Next

This one is posted last, but it’s definitely not least! This one will have you laughing EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU WATCH! Ice Cube gave us a movie that shows the good side of a holiday in the hood lol. Friday After Next finds Craig (Ice Cube) and Day-Day (Mike Epps) back in the old neighborhood where it all began. It’s Christmas time and a ghetto Santa Claus breaks into their run-down apartment, stealing all their presents, along with anything else he can stuff into his sack, including the rent money hidden in their stereo speakers. Their only hope to not get evicted before Christmas is to take jobs as security guards at a local mall, where they learn some comic lessons about the true meaning of the holidays.


This list is by no means the end all be all of Black Holiday Movies. But it’s a good place to start! Can you say Netflix and Chill? (Now I ain’t condoning any extra-marital activities. Please watch Responsibly).

Did I miss a good one? Let me know what Black Holiday Movies YOU love.

See y’all tomorrow,




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