Month: April 2015

2015 Mother’s Day Card Series!

2015 Mother’s Day Card Series!

Mom’s day is just around the corner! Only 3 weeks away! In honor of mom, I thought I would kick off my paper crafting tutorials with a card making series just for moms. All the cards will be clean and simple, in other words not […]

Welcome Part 2

As with all things, that are new, there are going to be growing pains. Our last post was left unfinished. The published post was not the one I intended to publish. So I figured I’d finish that post today. Things always seem to happen when […]


How do you begin a new blog? I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Astarie (pronounced Ahh sta ree) Named for my late grandmother who passed before I was born. I am mommy to a wonderful, ball of energy named Andrew and bonus daughter […]