It’s been FOREVER!

I’ve missed writing to you all.  First things first, for those that have been faithful readers in the past,  you’ll notice some changes. Previously I focused more on Bath and Body relayed posts, but I often found myself wanting to wrote content that didn’t quite fit that category,  and I didn’t want to kill the vibe. 😊 Since I had to take an unplanned break from Soapmkaing and Blogging (more on that in a later blog post) this year,  I had time to reevaluate things.  I decided I was going to go in a more Lifestyle blog direction.  This will allow me to wrote about a myriad of topics instead of just one.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk Blogmas! 25 days of Holiday related Blog Posts. I think this will be a great way to get back into the swing of writing.

This past November my family and I moved to Houston Texas! Our family has been contemplating this move for a while, and it’s finally happened. While I am enjoying this warmer weather, I’ve never had a Christmas that was somewhat cold, other than when I was visiting family in Florida one year. Even living in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. It was either chilly or COLD on Christmas. The weather for today is a high of 80 degrees, so I think a cold Christmas is out this year. The plan is to make some new warm Christmas traditions. For the next 25 (well 31 becuase I’ll post through Kwanzaa) I’ll share what we come up with and how we celebrate Christmas in Texas

I’ll also share some great movies, stories and more for the Holiday season. I hope you tune in for all of my Blogmas posts!

See you tomorrow!


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