Coconut Oil Laundry Soap |YouTube Tuesday

Coconut Oil Laundry Soap |YouTube Tuesday

100% Coconut Oil Laundry Soap is a powerhouse of cleaning! Almost a year ago I made this video showing how I made coconut oil soap as well as laundry butter. My camera wasn’t all that great nor the lighting, so I decided to remake this soap and recipe. The original recipe I got from Miki over on Facebook in her Facebook group. The group is closed so if you’d like more information on her process head over there and join!

This is going to be part 1 and I will share part 2 of making my own modified version of her laundry butter next Tuesday.

This time I cut my soap up into stain sticks, stay tuned later in the week I will share more about Coconut Oil Soap, Stain Sticks and why they are so great! Until then enjoy the video:

Be Blessed