Homemade Laundry Butter |Coconut Oil Soap Series P2

Homemade Laundry Butter |Coconut Oil Soap Series P2

A couple of weeks ago over on my YouTube channel, I shared the first part of me making Homemade Laundry Butter. I recorded a previous version of this process but the video was blurry and not well put together, ironically that is my second highest watched video šŸ™‚

Anyhow, I have been using that batch of Laundry Butter ever since. Guys, that was over 9 months ago, for a family of 5! I’m just now down to the final bits of butter. I love that one tablespoon is all I need for my whole load of laundry! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

What in the world is this Homemade Laundry Butter Stuff Anyway?

Glad you asked. Essentially Laundry Butter is a scoop-able laundry soap, that is super concentrated and safe to use on just about any clothing item you can wash, including cloth diapers! The best part is this soap is natural and great for even sensitive skin.

Laundry Butter is made with 4 basic ingredients:

  • Coconut Oil Soap
  • Distilled Water
  • Borax
  • Washing Soda
  • (fragrance is optional)

That’s it. That’s all you need to make the most amazing cleaner you’ve ever used.

Coconut Oil Soap is made with only Coconut Oil, Lye and Water, I wrote about coconut oil and coconut oil soap in this post. This soap is quick to make and can be used to make Laundry Soap almost right away. Coconut oil is a powerhouse at stripping away grease and oils, which makes too much of it bad for a bathing soap (except in certain conditions) but perfect to clean with. Even though it strips away grease and oils, it is gentle on clothes.

Distilled Water is very important when making any sort of soap. Distilled water is water that has had many of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container. Since it has less impurities, that means less to interact with the lye and less to worry about mixing into your Laundry Butter. I use distilled water in any product I made that requires water. It helps me have a great finished product that I can feel safe in sharing with my customers and especially my family.

Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, is an important boron compound, a mineral, and a salt of boric acid. While it is a salt of boric acid it is NOT BORIC ACID! Powdered borax is white, consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve easily in water. Borax has a wide variety of uses. Some include being used as a component in many detergents, cosmetics, and enamel glazes. This Wellness Mama Blog post shares a lot more on Borax and its safety. Bottom Line, Borax helps give us whiter clothes and also helps with hard water issues.

Washing Soda is also known as sodium carbonate. It is a salt of carbonic acid, a chemical that produces a wide range of salts known as carbonates. In laundry, washing soda accomplishes several things. The high alkalinity of washing soda helps it act as a solvent to remove a range of stains, and unlike bleach, washing soda does not usually stain. It is also used in detergent mixtures to treat hard water; the washing soda binds to the minerals which make water hard, allowing detergent to foam properly so that clothing will come out clean, without any residue.

Make Your Own Washing Soda

Bake 1 Cup of Baking soda at 350 degrees for 30 Mins

When baking soda is heated above a certain temperature, its chemical structure changes. When heated, the baking soda decomposes, or undergoes a dehydration process, and loses its hydrogen molecule, leaving behind washing soda, water, and carbon dioxide.

Towards the end of the Laundry Butter process before you whip it, you can also add an essential oil or fragrance. I don’t add any fragrance or essential oil because I don’t find that the scent lasts through the wash and drying. I also try and keep things really simple when it comes to anything that comes in contact with my son’s skin.

Laundry Butter Blog Graphic

All you need is ONE tablespoon per load of laundry. That is IT, I promise. Of course if you have really soiled clothes you could throw in another scoop. This Laundry Butter works great in Bottom and Top loading machines. Don’t look for lots of suds with this soap. It is not meant to bubble but to CLEAN! That is what makes it so perfect for any type of machine. Yes you can use it in HE machines! Add your tablespoon of Butter to the machine after you have added your clothes, it dissolves in warm and cold water, but does dissolve best in warm water.

I never planned to sell my Laundry Butter, I just wanted something more economical and effective for my families clothes. After the Release of My Rainbow Baby line of products, I realized how much Cloth Diapering parent’s needed a reliable detergent. Any parent really, but cloth diapers need a little extra attention. I love that I can now offer this as part of the Rainbow Baby line, of course this is great for ANYONE!

On my Coconut Oil Soap video I got a request to show how Stain Sticks are used. I did a small demo in the video on YouTube, but here are a few pictures. The Stain Sticks are great for using on stubborn stains prior to throwing the clothes in the wash. Homemade Laundry Butter and Stain Sticks just go hand in hand.Ā Ā  IMG_3616IMG_3619IMG_3617IMG_3620 Dawn from Custer Cottage shared the recipe that I use. It was shared with us soapers by ANOTHER sweet soaper Miki. I am grateful to Miki for sharing and allowing us to not only make this recipe but share it with our customers as well. If you would like to try out this recipe, but don’t want to fuss around with soap safety and lye, I will have my 100% Coconut Oil Soap available in my shop. Pre-Shredded in 6oz packages ready for you to try your first batch. I will also include the recipe. If you just don’t want to bother making it at all (Even I have those days šŸ™‚ ) I also have my Laundry Butter available in 1 quart Tubs.

If you are visual, Like I am make sure you watch the entire series on Coconut Oil soaps and how to make the Laundry Butter so you can make your own.

Stay tuned, next week we will be making liquid coconut oil soap for cleaning around the house!

Leave me a comment and tell me, do you make any of your own Household cleaning items?

Be Blessed