Laundry Butter |YouTube Tuesday

Laundry Butter |YouTube Tuesday

I absolutely love Laundry Butter!

Not only is Laundry Butter economical, and effective. I can make it using my coconut oil soap that I made last week! I love being able to use my own products in even more products, especially in my home where I want to keep as many harmful chemicals away from my family as possible.

Laundry butter is a great alternative to typical laundry detergent. Its is creamy and fluffy like butter but one little tablespoon packs a powerful punch in a load of laundry! It is cloth diaper and HE machine safe. It does not cause lots of suds (which are a no-no for HE washers) and it washes away clean even in cold water.

Today’s video is only half of the process. I realized after the last step that I messed up my measurements. I had planned on doubling the batch, but only remembered to double the water. 🙁 Unfortunately I don’t know of a good way to save the batch without causing the borax to crystallize and be too hard to whip later so I had to remake the batch, not to worry it will still work out fine. (I will be doing a little more research between now and next week to see if I can find a solution before then, if so I will add that to next weeks’ video. ) I will show the next steps as well as more about Laundry Butter in next weeks video and blog post. Enjoy!

First here are a few pictures of the coconut oil soap:

Laundry Butter, Coconut Oil Soap IMG_3275 IMG_3274 IMG_3273 IMG_3276

They are such a simple, white soap, but so very pretty. One of my all time favorites to make. These are NOT good for skin though. Find out why here on Friday’s post, I will share more on 100% coconut oil soap, Laundry Butter and the next in our Coconut Oil line up.

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