Sea Salt Spa Soap |YouTube Tuesday

Sea Salt Spa Soap |YouTube Tuesday

Hey Y’all! Today is all about Sea Salt Spa Soap!

This is probably my top favorite soap to make and it’s my husband’s favorite to use. Our Sea Salt Spa soap is also a top seller over at Ladybug Suds and Sundries.

In keeping with the current Coconut Oil Soap Theme, I used 100% coconut oil which allows me to use a very high salt amount but not sacrifice bubbles as we learned here.

This Sea Salt Spa Soap is scented in Stud Muffin, my FAVORITE scent for guys, especially one really handsome guy in particular. (Really smart too, cause he married me 🙂 ) It is long lasting and now overpowering but is decidedly masculine. Here is the scent description A true classic, fresh and fruity male fragrance of watery top notes, and citrus nuances infused with white flowers of muguet and jasmine. Undeniably sexy notes of coumarin and fresh mint finished with soft woody notes of sandalwood and sweet musk.

It is simply amazing! It is always the first to go at any show or fair I participate in. Salt Bars have a tiny bit of exfoliation, but are not scratchy. The soap itself does tend to be a harder, longer lasting bar due to the coconut oil and salt, but it wears down beautifully in the shower, leaving a smooth polishing bar behind.

I went with my usual green to blue gradient, the green always seems a little yucky until after it it allowed to cure. Here are after pictures:

Sea Salt Spa Soap IMG_3682 IMG_3686

Both of the colors really lightened up once they had time to cure. Watch the video to see how they looked when they were first made and cut.

Tomorrow I will share more about Sea Salt Spa Soap. How it Works, how to use it and what it does for the skin. See you then

Be Blessed,